Saturday, November 19, 2005

Google base - what's in it for your business ?

Google launched last week it's new Google Base service, which allows anyone to post its classified-like content, for free. While many are criticizing the new service from aspects of immatureness and closeness, to aspects of how Google continues in its journey to control the world's content, not many dought the possibilities opened to drive more traffic to one's business. So, assuming you are a small to mid-sized business owner or manager, what's in it for your business ?

First of all, it's free, unlike newspapers ads you might have placed here and there. At Google base the potential customers search for you, you don't have to search for them. You can place an ad for your products, services, new offerings or special sales you may conduct. You could pretty much do the same at Craigslist or eBay. But hey, people who come to these sites know they want to buy something; your ads at Google base, on the other hand, will be exposed through Google base but also through other Google services (and API in the future, I guess) to people who are interested in something, but not necessarily know they want to buy it.

Second, it is quite easy to upload a large number of such ads (up to 100,000 in that time). So, if you owe a small retail store, you may easily upload an Excel file with all your merchandise listed, and have it publicized. Products descriptions might lead to your web site. You can also update the info whenever you want, or delete it when needed. You may also add attributes to your content, so it will be found more easily by others.

No matter what you offer/show/sell be careful to pinpoint your geographical location, if applicable to what you offer. A lot of data will be in there, and you want to be at the top of search results in your own leaving area criteria searches.

Some people have noted that Google Base is too simple. Well, good it is. All we want is place our content quick and easy. Rumors say Google will soon launch its Google Wallet, and will help you to monetize on your products/services easily (maybe through giving you Adsense credit).

We'll keep and update with interesting usages businesses do with the new Google Base. Would also love to hear your ideas as for how to capitalize on that Technology.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Capitalizing on Technology

Well, it is really hard to keep track on all these new technology innovations: Google launches new service almost each week, giants (Amazon, Yahoo, Google, eBay...and yes, Microsoft too) keep their amazing pace of introducing new products and services...But hey, pause that race for a minute! What's in it for us, small to mid-sized business owners ? Is it good to our specific business ? Can we use it to enlarge sales, to enlarge efficiency ?

This blog will discuss new trends and innovations, mainly in the web arena from the perspective of business owners. In these days, when the world gets flat, as Thomas Friedman explains in his excellent book, changing and adapting is a must to any business owner or manager: If you don't update, change and improve - others will. The reason is simple: The information is here, the tools are here, the knowledge is easy to obtain - and your competitors has access to all of them because the World is flat. Many of the new innovations are free to use, so the first to adapt will be the first to lead. This blog will try to give the kick start.