Friday, November 18, 2005

Capitalizing on Technology

Well, it is really hard to keep track on all these new technology innovations: Google launches new service almost each week, giants (Amazon, Yahoo, Google, eBay...and yes, Microsoft too) keep their amazing pace of introducing new products and services...But hey, pause that race for a minute! What's in it for us, small to mid-sized business owners ? Is it good to our specific business ? Can we use it to enlarge sales, to enlarge efficiency ?

This blog will discuss new trends and innovations, mainly in the web arena from the perspective of business owners. In these days, when the world gets flat, as Thomas Friedman explains in his excellent book, changing and adapting is a must to any business owner or manager: If you don't update, change and improve - others will. The reason is simple: The information is here, the tools are here, the knowledge is easy to obtain - and your competitors has access to all of them because the World is flat. Many of the new innovations are free to use, so the first to adapt will be the first to lead. This blog will try to give the kick start.


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